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The rise of the candy store

The store is back after an exhaustive pandemic,  we’re glad to be able to open again.

Clearly, the business has seen many high points and low points in its over 100 years.
Be that as it may, Lyau said the most troublesome period was the most recent two years with practically 60% of their business vanishing because of the pandemic.

“We had no vacationers coming. Waikiki was closed down. We had no lodging business — nothing got through the air terminal. The school shut down, we lost school business,” said Lyau.

Then there was the story that stood out as truly newsworthy. The store mascot monster sticky bear stolen from the front of their store — something he said was sad but really ended up being not all that awful.

“New customer would out of nowhere discuss the sticky bear and ask about it,  that we would kick — new costumers come in and say ‘we saw you in the news we didn’t understand what the sticky bear was for,'” said Lyau.

While the sticky bear mascot is actually still at large, today Lyau said business is practically back to normal. He made a point to get his business degree to be prepared when his opportunity arrived.

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