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Council and city spar over $3.41B budget


The Hawaii County Council and the city administration are currently in disagreement over a proposed $3.41 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget includes investments in infrastructure, public safety, and social services, but the Council is concerned about proposed tax increases and the impact they will have on residents.

Here’s a closer look at the key issues in this debate.

The Budget Proposal

The city administration’s proposed budget focuses on addressing long-standing issues in the community, such as road repairs, affordable housing initiatives, and public safety services. The administration argues that these investments are necessary to promote economic growth and improve quality of life for residents.

The Council’s Concerns

While the Council agrees with many of the proposed investments, they are concerned about the proposed tax increases. The administration has suggested raising property taxes by 3.5% and increasing the hotel tax from 10.25% to 12.5%. The Council worries that these increases will place an undue burden on residents, particularly those who are already struggling to make ends meet.

In addition to the proposed tax increases, some Council members are skeptical of the administration’s projections for revenue growth. They worry that the city may be overestimating its ability to generate revenue, which could lead to budget shortfalls in the future.

The Path Forward

The Council has proposed a series of amendments to the budget that would eliminate the proposed tax increases while still maintaining funding for essential services. However, the administration has pushed back against these amendments, arguing that they would result in cuts to critical programs and services.

The Council and administration are currently in negotiations to reach a compromise on the budget. Both sides recognize the importance of investing in infrastructure, public safety, and social services, but they differ on the best way to fund these initiatives. It remains to be seen whether a compromise can be reached that satisfies all parties.


The debate over the budget highlights the challenges that elected officials face in managing public resources. Both the Council and the administration have valid concerns, and finding a solution that balances the need for essential services with the need to keep taxes at a reasonable level will require compromise and creative thinking. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a budget agreement that serves the best interests of the community and promotes long-term economic growth.

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