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Hawaii DOH issues red placards to two restaurants

Hawaii DOH Issues Red Placards to Two Restaurants

The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) recently issued red placards to two restaurants in the Aloha State, raising concerns about food safety and hygiene practices. This action comes as part of the DOH’s ongoing efforts to ensure the well-being of residents and visitors alike.

One of the affected establishments, located in Honolulu, was found to have multiple critical violations during a routine inspection. These violations included improper food storage, inadequate handwashing facilities, and failure to maintain proper temperatures for cooked food. The DOH emphasized that these violations pose a significant risk to public health.

The second restaurant, situated in Maui, was also flagged for critical violations. Inspectors discovered evidence of vermin infestation, including rodent droppings and gnawed food packaging. Such conditions not only compromise food safety but also create an unsanitary environment for both customers and employees.

The DOH’s red placard system is designed to inform the public about establishments that fail to meet health and safety standards. It serves as a visual indicator for potential customers to make informed decisions about where to dine.

These recent incidents highlight the importance of regular inspections and adherence to food safety regulations. The DOH urges all food establishments to prioritize cleanliness, proper food handling, and staff training to prevent such violations.

As consumers, it is crucial to be aware of these red placards and choose restaurants that prioritize food safety. By doing so, we can contribute to a healthier and safer dining experience in Hawaii.

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