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Healer Stones at Hawaii Convention Center

The Hawaii Assembly hall is showing the Healer Stones of Kapaemahu on its third floor for individuals to see.

The Healer Stones of Kapaemahu was officially displayed at Diocesan Historical center as a feature of their everchanging shows situated in their Vision casting.

The display ran from June 18 through Oct. 16, 2022 and recounted the narrative of four mahu healers coming to Waikiki to treat individuals of their illnesses.

Healing stones, also known as crystal or gemstones

Have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for their believed healing properties. The use of stones for healing is based on the idea that different stones have specific energies and vibrations that can affect the body, mind, and spirit.

Hawaii is known for its rich culture and history, including the use of stones for healing. Hawaiian stones are considered to have unique energies and spiritual significance. For example, the Hawaiian healing stone, pōhaku ola, is said to have life-giving properties and is used to balance and restore the body’s energy. Other Hawaiian stones, such as lā’au lapa’au and pōhaku kū’auhau, are also used in traditional healing practices.

One of the most famous healing stones found in Hawaii is the black lava stone. Black lava stones are believed to have grounding properties, helping to connect individuals with the earth and provide a sense of stability. These stones are commonly used in meditation and energy healing practices to help calm the mind and bring about a sense of peace and balance.

In recent years, there have been conventions and gatherings dedicated to healing stones and their power, including in Hawaii. These events bring together healers, practitioners, and enthusiasts to learn more about the properties of different stones and how to use them for healing. Participants can learn about the history and cultural significance of Hawaiian stones and explore the unique energies and properties of various crystals and gemstones.

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