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Honolulu police researching crash between 2 mopeds

Honolulu police are researching a lethal accident between two mopeds in Waipahu late Saturday.

Authorities say the accident occurred around 9:45 p.m. at the convergence of Farrington Expressway and Paiwa road.

Honolulu police said a 28-year-old male sulked rider was speeding westward on Farrington Interstate and crashed into a 34-year-old male sulked rider, who was making a right turn at Paiwa Road.

Because of the impact, authorities say both sulked riders were catapulted onto the street and were taken to an area clinic in basic condition.
Later at the clinic, the 28-year-old grown-up male capitulated to his wounds and was articulated dead, said authorities. Authorities say the 34-year-old male was moved up to difficult condition.

As of now, Honolulu police say speed has all the earmarks of being a calculate this crash.

What’s more, that it is obscure assuming medications or liquor are factors in this impact.

This is the tenth traffic casualty on Oahu this year, contrasted with eight during a similar time in 2022.

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