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Donahue cousins Hawaii Baseball Heroes

Baseball has a rich history in Hawaii, and two cousins have had a tremendous impact on the sport in the state, both on and off the field.

The Donahue cousins were born and raised in Hawaii and began their baseball careers at local high schools. They quickly became standout players and were scouted by universities on the mainland. They both earned scholarships to play at top-tier colleges, where they continued to hone their skills.

Kyson and Jordan, as they are known, eventually made their way back to Hawaii and began playing for local teams. Their talent on the field was undeniable, and they quickly became fan favorites. Kyson was a power hitter, while Jordan was known for his defensive prowess. Together, they formed a dynamic duo that helped lead their teams to victory.

But it wasn’t just their on-field performance that made the Donahue cousins so beloved in Hawaii. They were also active in their communities, using their platform to give back and make a difference. They organized youth baseball clinics and donated their time and resources to various charitable organizations.

Their impact on baseball in Hawaii has been lasting. They inspired a new generation of young players to pursue their dreams and showed that it was possible to make it to the highest levels of the sport, even if you came from a small island in the Pacific.

In recognition of their contributions to the sport, the Donahue cousins were inducted into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame in 1996. Their legacy continues to inspire and influence players and fans alike, and they will always be remembered as two of the greatest baseball players to come out of Hawaii.

As per the cousins, being colleagues at UH marks as whenever that the two first have played together since they were 10 years of age in a Wai-Kahala competition.

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