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UH football’s Landon Sims

College of Hawaii tight end Landon Sims has made waves in the college football world.

Not only for his impressive on-field performance but also for a sentimental decision he made regarding his jersey number.

Sims, a junior from Honolulu, Hawaii, had previously worn the number 84 during his freshman and sophomore seasons. However, for the 2022 season, he made the decision to switch to the number 88, the same number his father wore during his college football career at the University of Hawaii.

In an interview with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Sims spoke about the emotional significance behind his decision, stating that his father had been his biggest supporter throughout his football career and that wearing his father’s number was a way to honor him and their family legacy.

Sims’ father, Clyde, played college football at the University of Hawaii from 1991-1994 as a defensive end. He was a standout player and was even named to the All-Western Athletic Conference team in 1994. After his college career, Clyde went on to play professionally in the Arena Football League.

Landon Sims’ decision to wear his father’s number is not only a touching tribute to his father’s own football legacy

But also a testament to the strong bond between father and son. It is clear that the two share a love for the game of football and a deep respect for one another.

But Sims’ decision also carries weight in the larger context of college football. Jersey numbers are often a point of pride for players and can hold significant meaning both to the individual and the team as a whole. By choosing to wear his father’s number, Sims is also showing respect for the history and tradition of the University of Hawaii football program.

Landon Sims’ decision to wear his father’s football jersey number is a beautiful tribute to his family’s legacy.

A demonstration of the deep love and respect between father and son. As Sims continues to excel on the field, he will undoubtedly carry his father’s legacy with him and inspire future generations of football players to honor their own family legacies.

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